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WE MOVED! We are now located at 335 N River St. Suite 203 Batavia, Illinois.

Beyond Physio is dedicated to supporting you in achieving a pain-free and active lifestyle so you can be confident in your body.

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your physical health and well-being through personalized care and evidence-based treatment.

NEW: Postpartum rehab package guiding you in your return to activity following childbirth.


I cannot recommend Linnea enough for anyone looking to alleviate pain. I started working with Dr. Linnea this past spring and she has completely helped me relieve my hip and lower back pain from running. In a typical PT model, you spend about 10 minutes with the PT and the rest of the time with a PTA along with all the insurance hassles where you end up paying a lot for in the end. With Linnea, I had 100% of her time for the full session. As a result, I truly had each session and at home exercise plan tailored specifically to me. Within 2 sessions I started to feel relief and Linnea had me doing exercises that really addressed the root of the problem rather than a cookie cutter plan (like clam shells, etc). She also allowed me to continue my current running plan while addressing my problem areas.

If you have any pain, you will not have any regrets about seeing Dr. Linnea. She will help get you on track to pain relief and staying pain free going forward! -Cassie I.


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Dr. Linnea is the all-star of my postpartum team! I came to her about two months ago with pain in my neck and thumb that only seemed to get worse with my everyday activities being a mom (holding my daughter, breastfeeding, etc.). Within a few visits (and with the at-home exercises), I can notice a significant difference! She has helped me gain strength in my underactive muscles and relief and length in my overactive/tight muscles. My favorite, though, is when she incorporates massage into our sessions. I would highly recommend her to everyone, especially other pregnant and postpartum women! - Kelly V.


Dr. Linnea has been incredibly helpful throughout my pregnancy to reduce my SI joint, back, shoulder, and neck pain. Not only did she provide great, individualized care when we met one-on-one but she also sent the exercises we did during PT via email with visual explanations. I highly recommend working with Dr. Linnea and I will not hesitate to reach out to her the next time I need her assistance! - Kristin H