Annual Movement Assessment

Just like your visit to your primary doctor to check your vitals, or your dentist to check your teeth, we can check in with you for an assessment of your strength and mobility, and/or for any concerns with your function and activities. 

We will assess your mobility, strength, function and movement patterns and address any current concerns. This may include daily movements, lifting, specific exercises, or other sports/activities. We can also help assess your home office and ergonomics and provide education to reduce chance of injury with repetitive movements or prolonged postures.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, "Physical therapists have education, experience and expertise necessary to provide a broad health screening to allow tracking  the patient's health status over time. It may also lead to a referral for an evaluation and treatment plan or to another health care professional for potential problems identified during the visit."

We will give you our professional opinion on your strengths and weaknesses and recommendations based off your movement patterns. We will prioritize education and include a personalized home program focused on areas that may need attention. 

These visits can be performed in-home, at the clinic, or virtually.

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