Gymnastics Physical Therapy

We get gymnasts back into the gym safely and work on reducing risk of future injury!

Physical therapists are movement specialists that can treat and diagnose movement dysfunction and help you return to your prior level of function and beyond. We listen and focus on you and your goals and create a plan unique to you. Our therapist was a gymnast herself and has additional training in treating gymnasts so they can get back to the gym safely! We also want to work on reducing risk of future injuries and pain, so if we can catch it early, it will limit time out of the gym. Bonus: you may see improvements in strength, mobility, and skills as a side effect. 

PS. Are you a retired gymnast yourself with aches and pains that you blame on being a gymnast. We can help with that, too!

A few of the conditions we can assist with include (this list is not all inclusive):

We evaluate your motion, strength, and function as it relates to your impairment(s) or limitations and goals. We try to find the cause rather than just treat the symptoms so we can improve your outcomes and your performance! Sessions may include interventions such as therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and education. Treatment sessions will last a minimum of 55 minutes. 

Physical Therapy Single Session or Evaluation

60 or 90 minutes sessions available

Ask about scheduling a physical therapy session at your gym! *Based on availability and agreement with gym. 

Text Dr. Linnea to set up a free consultation or to schedule an appointment! 


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