Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy

We know there is a gap in women's healthcare. 

You don't have to just deal with it. 

We can help.

We want you at your best so you can raise those amazing kiddos you have as well as feel like you can trust your body again postpartum!

We can help you take control and improve symptoms of leaking urine, pelvic pain, sciatica, and more during after pregnancy. 

Learn how to recover from pregnancy and childbirth so you can reduce your risk of symptoms postpartum and beyond!

*We do not perform an internal examination of this sensitive area, but can refer you to a professional who does if you need.

We evaluate your motion, strength, and function as it relates to your impairment(s) or limitations and goals. We try to find the cause rather than just treat the symptoms so we can improve your outcomes. Sessions may include interventions such as therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and education. Treatment sessions will last a minimum of 55 minutes. For in-home therapy, we will come to you with any extra tools we may need to provide treatment. If you have a home gym- that's great! If not, we just need a small area to work. We will bring a yoga mat or a treatment table as needed.  For all sessions, please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.

Physical Therapy Single Session or Evaluation

60 or 90 minutes sessions available

Offering in clinic, telehealth, and in-home services

Return to Running Assessment

60 minutes online or telehealth

Includes assessment of your readiness to return to running postpartum,

exercises, and education so you can return to running safely.

Text Dr. Linnea to set up a free consultation or to schedule an appointment! 


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