Sports Physical Therapy

Does your gymnast have back pain every time they do back walkovers or back handsprings? Do they complain of shoulder pain after vaulting or swinging on the bars? Are their knees sore after every practice?

If this sounds like your child, we can help them take control of their pain and set them up for physical success in gymnastics and life. 

Not only can we help in the short term, we will help for the long term so you can excel in your sport and avoid those overuse injuries.

No current pain, but want the best for you gymnast? We also work with gymnasts to identify any potential problems and work on mobility, stability, and sport specific conditioning so we can stay on top of 

Physical therapists are movement specialists that can treat and diagnose movement dysfunction and help you return to your prior level of function and beyond. 

Gymnastics related conditions we commonly treat:

Our experienced team of gymnastics rehab specialists is dedicated to helping you recover from your injury and return to the sport you love.

How does it work?


Our comprehensive approach involves creating a tailored plan that addresses your specific injury and individual needs. We work closely with you to develop a rehabilitation strategy that not only focuses on restoring your strength and flexibility but also hones your skills and technique.

With our deep understanding of gymnastics, we know the importance of training in the gym environment. Your physical therapist will guide you through a structured rehab program that incorporates exercises and drills specific to gymnastics.

Don't let an injury sideline your passion for gymnastics. With our expertise and dedication, we'll help you navigate the road to recovery, allowing you to return to the gym stronger, more resilient, and ready to excel in your sport once again.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards your gymnastics rehabilitation. Together, we'll work towards your comeback with confidence and determination.

Life is too short to live in pain. Let's get you moving better today! 

Text Dr. Linnea to set up a free consultation or to schedule an appointment! 


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